Descendants of James Reeves Sr.

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Interactive tree of Austin Clarence Moody

Roy Moody 19061987
William Moody
Wesley Moody 1910
Florence 1913
Frances Moody
Mr. Curtis
Lemuel Cecil Moody 19101960
Mary Sheppard
Sarah Moody
Mr. Foster
Kate Moody
Mr. Wallace
Eunice Moody
Mr. Lewis
Austin Clarence Moody 18761957
Queen Almetta Blackmon 18841961
Minor Amos Blackmon 18481939
Eliza Alice Neal 18531934
Amos B. Blackmon 18011884
Jane Reeves 18151892
James Reeves 17851844
Betsy Garris 17801820
Bethenia Williams 18051884
Bedford Garris