Descendants of James Reeves Sr.

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Interactive tree of Malissa Caroline Reeves

Perthena A. Blackmon 18461862
William Franklin Couch 19081997
Blanche Catoe Workman 19071974
Susie Jane Horton 19161993
Lucille Griffin 19172001
Henry Cleatus Couch 19101967
Flossie Brazzell
Grover Coleman Couch 19112005
Agnes Lee Byrd
Catherine Steele 19221969
Della Parthania Couch 19132008
John Earl Adams 19122001
Martha Vera Couch 19141997
Ernest Wilson Barrett 19131995
Julia Marie Couch
O'Neil Phillips 19212005
James Elmer Couch 19182004
Nancy Azalee Faulkenberry 19202007
Eugene Carol Couch 19192005
Nellie Abercrombie 19252008
Annie May Couch 19211999
Hoyt Laval Croxton 19181971
Laroy O. Wiestling 19071955
Ira Lee Hinson 19181997
Dewey Rudolph Couch 19231927
Wilbur Emerson Couch 19242006
Ernestine Blackmon 19242006
David Rutledge Couch 19262008
Eufaula Horton
Betty Lou Couch
Floyd William Cauthen 19252006
Mary Emma Couch 19301930
Robert Ford Couch 19312001
Maxine Mills
Helen Bowman
Grover Cleveland Couch 18871968
Emma Lorena Shehane 18881961
Dotus Elmore Couch 19131914
Wandell F. Couch 19161930
Amy Adelaide Couch
Henry Collum
Ruth R. Couch
Homer Shealy
Henry Wallace Couch
Rosa Lynn Couch
J. M. Carnes
Dotus Elmore Couch 18901983
Rosa Sims 18951972
Infant Son Brasington 19131913
Broadus Franklin Brasington 19151977
Julia Perthenia Brasington 19161921
William Boyd Brasington 19172006
Dorothy Elizabeth Horton 19191991
Ernest Roach Brasington 19191998
Leona Youmas
Ira Broadus Brasington 19211943
Claude Sapp Brasington 19242007
Betty Lou Hunter
Edward Couch Brasington 19271995
Mae Cauthen
Robert Fred Brasington
Sara Katherine Autry
Sadie Elizabeth Couch 18941990
Ira Broadus Brasington 18911973
Ms. Blackmon
William Holliday
Ms. Blackmon
G. R. Baizle
Ms. Blackmon
Colvin Stewart
Ms. Blackmon
Cullie E. Balid
Ms. Blackmon
T. H. Aldrich
Ms. Blackmon
L. S. Hill
Kathleen Blackmon
L. W. Blackmon
Chester Ford Blackmon
Donald Blackmon
Steve Blackmon
Zelma Couch 1897
Chester Ford Blackmon 18981952
William Branham
Robert Couch 1903
Douglas Wade Couch 19261996
Nellie Sue Ward
Clarence George Couch 19182003
Marshall Franklin Couch 18911971
Rosa Bell Couch 18941978
Wylie Couch 19021985
Iva Bae Wilson
Infants Couch
Parthenia E. Marshall 18661905
Benjamin Franklin Couch 18601929
Lymus Marshall 1900
Reba Alyce Wright 19312002
George W. Cross 19301999
Kenneth David Wright 19442007
Ruth Marshall 19041993
David Banks Wright 18971974
Jack Samuel Covington 19301931
Katherine Joyce Covington 19331963
Robert W. Wood
Jane Marshall Covington 19441950
Jane Elizabeth Marshall 19081950
Robert Glenn Covington
James Marshall 1909
Ann Hope Biggart
Robert Julius Cross
Della Sarah Marshall 19101993
Andrew Jackson Biggart 19081972
James Samuel Marshall 18721950
M. Amodine McManus 18771901
Alice Elizabeth Marshall 18751950
Robert F. Marshall 18771961
Minnie Lee Williams 18821961
Jac. R. Marshall 18741876
Henrietta E. Blackmon 18481909
William Alexander Marshall 18451930
Malissa Caroline Reeves 18271895
James A. Blackmon 18201876
Silas Ingram 18161882
James Reeves 17851844
Betsy Garris 17801820
Bethenia Williams 18051884
Bedford Garris